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apolis craft tea bags

apolis craft tea bags

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Jars contain either 3.5 ounces of loose-leaf tea or 15 biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

Blackberry Bergamot: Origin: house blend Flavor: ripe blackberry, citrus, tart This organic house blend of black teas combines juicy, ripe blackberries with the bright citrus flavor of cold-pressed bergamot oil. Excellent with milk and sugar; delicious hot; and showstopping over ice.

Honeymint: Origin: house blend Flavor: mint, honey, flowers What goes best with minty green tea? Honey! While we couldn't add actual honey, our tiny (but mighty!) osmanthus flowers have a honey-like flavor. Paired with a touch of orange blossom, this blend is light with a flowery aftertaste. 90% organic ingredients.

Sweet cream earl grey: Origin: house blend Flavor: vanilla, cream, citrus We fused bright citrusy bergamot with creamy vanilla and just a touch of orange blossom in this black tea blend to create a totally different cup of Earl Grey.

Vanilla chai: Origin: house blend Flavor: cardamom, spices, vanilla A hearty blend of traditional chai spices in a base of organic black teas with just a touch of creamy vanilla to round it out. Excellent black, with milk or over ice! 93% organic ingredients.

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